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NAW visits Bushwacker "Ultimate Adventure"

On July 10th through July 11th, NAW visited the home of Bushwacker Fender Flares in Portland, Oregon. The "Ultimate Adventure" was a two day event highlighting the warehouse and creation of their Fender Flares.

NAW toured through the process of how Bushwacker creates their famous fender flares.  NAW observed the manufacturing, engineering, shipping & paint, and quality control of all their fender flares.

On the final day, NAW attended Pat’s Acres Racing, a LaMans style racing track. The group completed twenty to forty laps of the LaMans style racing. 

NAW wants to thank all who made the trip possible, Russ Morgan - President (Bushwacker Fender Flares), Randy Peterson (Bushwacker - National Sales Manager - West), and Jeff Learing (Keystone - National Sales Manager).

*A beautiful day in Portland, Oregon

*Dinner at the Departure Portland

*Visiting Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon

*Frank Montoya with Jeff Learing (Keystone - National Sales Manager)

*The group attending Pat’s Acres Racing

*From Left to Right - Russ Morgan (President of Bushwacker Fender Flares), Frank Montoya (NAW), Randy Peterson (Bushwacker - National Sales Manager - West) and Jeff Learing (Keystone - National Sales Manager) 

Posted on: Thursday, July 18, 2013