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Trail TX Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks

Steel Black

Trail TX Diesel Fuel Transfer Tanks

Steel Powder Coated Black (Please call us for our "Too Low to Print" sales prices and availability.

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Trail TX Steel Liquid Transfer Tanks

The Trail TX Steel liquid transfer tank is designed to be used with full-size trucks. This sturdy one-piece design allows you the greatest storage capacity. Lockable vent caps help to eliminate tampering, and heavy-duty lifting loops make installation easy.

  • Constructed with 14 gauge steel with fully hand welded seams for strength and durability
  • Available in black powder coat finish
  • Secure steel plate bed flange mounting plates help to anchor tanks
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Not intended for transferring gasoline or other flammables
  • Not intended for use as an auxiliary fuel tank
  • Does not meet DOT specifications

220103S- $800.00

L= 60" x W= 31" x H= 25" (100 Gallon Capacity)

220803S - $750.00

L= 52.50" X W= 35.00" X H= 26.00" (80 Gallon Capacity)

220903S - $775.00

L= 61.00" X W= 34.50" X H= 25.50" (90 Gallon Capacity)