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PIAA Bulbs H13 Xtreme White Plus


PIAA Bulbs H13 Xtreme White Plus

Available in Xtreme White Plus Part #19618

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PIAA Bulbs:

PIAA is proud to announce the newest addition to our bulb line: PIAA s Xtreme White PLUS H13 bulb with a Kelvin rating of 4000K, providing an intense white light with superior performance. Upgrade today! Dual-filament bulb LH13 is designed to comply with all DOT, ECE and NAFTA regulations World wide application and use. Engineered for sustained performance in applications where a high level of vibration and moisture protection is required.

Bulb Type - H13 (9008) Wattage - 65/55w = 85/75w XTRA, 4000K Technology - Xtreme White Plus